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Cityteam: When Discipleship Explodes

Cityteam's discipleship program has helped to plant more than 29,000 churches in 55 countries in slightly more than 12 years. (Facebook)

Only 12 years old, a discipleship movement has helped to plant almost 29,000 churches in 50 nations and has won almost 1 million converts—a third of them Muslims.


Serving the City by Living the Gospel

Police rest stop
(Chris Low)

Want to know where to start? Take these six keys and run with them.


Frank Viola: Discipleship Misconceived

Men's discipleship
Is your church effectively discipling people? (Facebook)

Reading your Bible, evangelizing, going to church and praying daily are truly great things for a believer. But are we discipling like we should?


A Gospel With Hands and Feet

City compassion
A guest at Downtown Compassion 2013 learns about services available to him. (Benjamin Downing)

Sometimes words aren’t enough to transform a heart. Even Jesus knew meeting physical needs is often the greatest starting point for sharing the gospel.


We’ve Got a Discipleship Problem

Men's fellowship

Can discipleship gain a foothold in the 21st-century church? It must if the church is to fulfill its true call.


Keeping the Chreasters

How do you attempt to keep the 'Chreasters?'
How do you attempt to keep the 'Chreasters'?

Prompting people to attend Easter and Christmas services doesn’t take much effort. Find out why the real work is enticing them to become regulars.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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