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We’ve Got a Discipleship Problem

Men's fellowship

Can discipleship gain a foothold in the 21st-century church? It must if the church is to fulfill its true call.


Keeping the Chreasters

How do you attempt to keep the 'Chreasters?'
How do you attempt to keep the 'Chreasters'?

Prompting people to attend Easter and Christmas services doesn’t take much effort. Find out why the real work is enticing them to become regulars.


Why You Should Treat Your Guests Like Cancer Patients

Hosptial Bed
What would your guests say about the way your church treated them? (Stock Free Images)

Find out why guests at your church will most likely come back if they receive same love and care some cancer patients receive at a hospital.


How to Handle Growing Pains in Your Church

How have you handled church growth?

There is no growth without change. And there is no change without loss. And there is no loss without pain.


Should Every Church Be a Recovery Ministry?

Are you carrying the cross of Christ by reaching out to the broken?
Are you carrying the cross of Christ by reaching out to the broken? (Lightstock)

Is your church in the habit of rescuing the broken? If not, why isn’t it?


Understanding the 6 Kinds of Church Services

Pastor and Bible

Find out why to better understand God’s Word, we must not only understand the content on the page but also the emotional context in which it takes place.


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