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Multisite Children’s Ministry: Launching a First Campus

Your initial steps into the world of the multisite church can be intimidating—not because you’re unwilling to take them but because you don’t know where to begin. The concept of launching your first multisite location is not difficult; it is simply replicating what you currently do at another location. However, the process itself can be incredibly complex—particularly for children’s ministry.


How Big Is Your Church’s ‘Turf’?

Why would pastors participate in
Why would pastors participate in turf wars? (Lightstock)

The concept of "turf wars" usually conjures up thoughts of boundary disputes. But isn’t the world everyone’s mission field?


10 Simple Discipleship Truths

Does your church help to make disciples?
Does your church help to make disciples? (Stock Free Images)

Are you a disciple making disciples? Does your church have a discipleship program?


4 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Church in 2014

Greg Atkinson
Greg Atkinson

Many visitors will know in the first 10 minutes of their arrival if they will return to your church. What are you doing to make them want to come back?


7 Reasons to Love Sharing the Gospel

What are your reasons to love sharing the gospel?
What are your reasons to love sharing the gospel? (Lightstock)

Who doesn’t want to hear when they get to heaven, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant”? What better reason is there to revel in spreading the Good News?


10 Powerful Benefits of a Small Group Ministry

Small groups
Church small group members enjoy many spiritual benefits. (Lightstock)

Church small groups are still making an impact on individuals. Here’s how they’re doing so.


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