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How Yours Can Become a Generous Church

Generous church
In what ways is your church truly a 'generous' church? (Lightstock )

What does it mean to be a 'generous church?' What is your definition of that phrase?


Is Revival About Fried Chicken or Worship and Prayer?

Fried chicken
Is revival at your church about the food or getting people saved? (Wikimedia Commons)

What can we do—in light of God's sovereignty—to prepare and plead for revival?


Scriptural Discipleship: Maturity Is the Goal

Discipleship is a huge step toward spiritual maturity.
Discipleship is a huge step toward spiritual maturity. (Lightstock)

What distractions are keeping you from setting and achieving the goal of spiritual maturity?


Evangelical Leaders Cite Intriguing Reasons for Denomination Changes

Pastor denominations
Changing denominations is no small transition. It requires a lot of prayer and consultation with God. (Lightstock)

Switching denominations is more common than you might think for church leaders. Here's some of the reasons why moves are made.


Why Are Pentecostals Growing in Number?

Pentecostal movement
Here are some reasons the Pentecostal Movement continues to grow. (Lightstock)

Pentecostals are certainly not nominal in their thinking. Here are some reasons the movement is getting bigger.


Church Planting: Starting From Scratch

Starting From Scratch
Church planters know all too well about living within their means.

Most church planters know all too well how to live within their means. That's when it's time to get creative.


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