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Kim Martinez 2Editor’s Note: This is the third and final in a series of articles by Assemblies of God Pastor Kim Martinez on church health. Part 1 Part 2

Jeffrey squishes his car into a parking spot, grabs his bible and heads for the church.

He is on his Sunday-best behavior. He dropped his wife and kids off at the door before parking on the back 40 and slogging through the slush to get into the sanctuary. As he enters the church, his brain starts to switch off. He has walked into the presentation zone. Jeffrey wants to engage in church, and he works hard at it, but every Sunday, he fights a simple problem—his mind tries to turn off when he enters the building. He hasn’t figured out the cause, but perhaps with a bit of thought, we can change the environment so that he finds himself energized and focused instead.

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The Biker Church

Revving up the gospel ... on Harleys

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The Cowboy Church

Jesus CowboyBarrel racin', bull ridin', boots 'n' hats ... in Jesus' name (with a twang).

Gary Morgan is an iconic cowboy. Tall and lean, clad in jeans, a Western shirt and boots, his look embodies the Code of the West—justice, fairness, honesty. Morgan leads the 1,500-member Cowboy Church of Ellis County in Waxahachie, Texas, the largest such congregation in the world.

Nearly everything about the church has a cowboy connection. "We have something going on pretty near every night," Morgan says with a typical Texas twang. Other churches might build a gymnasium to draw young parishioners; not Cowboy Church. They built a riding arena instead that's open and available for riding after Sunday services. Barrel racing is held Tuesday evening, and team roping practice on Wednesday evening.

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Church Unplugged

If your church were stripped down to its core, what would be left?

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The Karate Church Everybody was Kung-Fu fightin’ (sort of) in these two kickin’ congregations
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The Surfer Church Bibles and the beach fit perfectly together for this coastal congregation.
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The Church in Cyberspace People are joining the online community in record numbers, representing a vast harvest field ripe for evangelism. How can the church best take advantage of the Internet to reach lost sould?
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Lost in Space? From video uplinks to satellite small groups, why successful churches take the risk of multi-site ministry.
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The Teaching Pool In the age of do-it-yourself study, a group of maverick preachers is reinventing the task of sermon preparation.
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Virtual Church For some churches, “to the ends of the earth” now includes the online virtual world of Second Life.
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