Church Growth

Why Millennials Shouldn't Leave Church

Church family
We are the church, so if there's something wrong, let's fix it instead of walking away. (

If there’s a problem with the church, there’s a problem with us—and standing on the sidelines won't help. So, are you in or are you out?


Why You Should Treat Your Guests Like Cancer Patients

Hosptial Bed
What would your guests say about the way your church treated them? (Stock Free Images)

Find out why guests at your church will most likely come back if they receive same love and care some cancer patients receive at a hospital.


How to Handle Growing Pains in Your Church

How have you handled church growth?

There is no growth without change. And there is no change without loss. And there is no loss without pain.


10 Signs Your Small-Group Ministry Is Gaining Ground

Small groups
Are you church's small groups growing? (Lightstock)

There are always quantitative indications of growth that are easy to point out. But what about the qualitative results?


7 Things to Avoid When Your Church is in Decline

empty church

Find out why sometimes knowing what not to do is much better than trying to figure out how to grow your congregation.


4 Steps to a Healthy Church Culture

Church service
How would you assess the cultural health of your church? (Lightstock)

Find out what ingredients are paramount to moving our churches toward health and reproduction.


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