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The Untold Story: Why the US Church Is Not Growing

Sudanese church
Through great evangelistic efforts, churches in Africa are experiencing explosive growth. (iStock photo)

If the growth of Christianity is exploding in places such as Africa, Brazil and Asia, then why is the American church declining?


6 Major Benefits of the Growth of Multisite Churches

Multi-site churches

No one can deny there's a rapid growth in multisite churches. Here's why that growth is good.


8 Reasons Why Churches Never Break Down Attendance Barriers

bored at church
Is your church attendance stagnant? Why do you think that is? (iStock photo)

Are these issues hindering your church's growth? If so, what are you doing about it?


Church Growth Depends Upon These Essentials

Church growth
There is no one 'golden ticket' for church growth. It is a combination of things. (Lightstock photo)

A survey of the board of directors of the National Association of Evangelicals revealed some crucial elements that are present in churches that have experienced solid growth.


8 Reasons a Church Plant May Not Grow

Church plant

Some sow seeds, and others reap a harvest. Here's why you may be 1 of the former.


21 Mistakes That Can Prevent a Church From Growing

Are any or all of these things keeping your church from growing?
Are any or all of these things keeping your church from growing? (Lightstock)

There are probably more than 21 mistakes you can make that stunt your church growth. But let's start with the low-hanging fruit. Are you falling into any of these traps?


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