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7 Factors Hindering Evangelism in Churches

Too many church congregations are apathetic to The Great Commission. (Lightstock)

Church revitalization is certainly possible in America. Are you and your staff willing to take a look in the mirror and do what it takes for that to happen?


12 Church Parking Lot Problems

Parking lot
Does your church have a parking lot ministry?

Are you missing an opportunity for ministry in your church parking lot for various reasons? What can you do about it?


Pastors Target Millennials at ICRS

Millennials panel
(L to R) Brad Lomenick, Dennis Moles, Roxanne Stone and Palmer Chinchen address the topic of reaching millennials.

The recent International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta featured a discussion with prominent ministerial leaders about ways to attract millennials to church.


Inviting a Generation to Explore Life, Faith and God

Alpha USA
Alpha USA is helping to bring millennials back to the church. (Alpha USA)

Here's how Alpha USA engages millennials with life's biggest questions.


9 Reasons Why Churches Don’t Execute the Great Commission

Why aren't some churches executing The Great Commission as commanded by Jesus?
Why aren't some churches executing The Great Commission as commanded by Jesus? (iStock photo)

Here's why some churches simply talk the talk but don't walk the walk.


How Wide is Your Circle of Influence?

How far does your influence reach?
How far does your influence reach? (iStock photo)

What sphere of influence are you currently residing in? Is it intentional or unintentional?


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