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6 Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Church

Empty church
Has your church shown any of these signs of dysfunction? (Lightstock)

Here are some signs that a church might simply need to undergo some revitalization.


Finding a Balance: Is Your Church Wide or Deep?

Balanced scales
(iStock photo)

Does your church serve up a watered-down gospel or does it go the other way and make Jesus' message complicated? Here's how to avoid both scenarios.


How to Foster a Creative Community in Your Church

Church artists
Do you encourage creativity among your church members? (Lightstock)

Are there unseen and unheard members of your church that have beautiful things to offer? How can you flush them out?


Churches That Do This Have a Greater Community Impact

Do you venture out into the community to cultivate relationships?
Do you venture out into the community to cultivate relationships? (Lightstock)

If you're struggling to make a difference in your area, here are some things you might want to try.


Unrepentant: A Bleak Future for the American Church

dark church
Is the American church headed for dark times? (Lightstock)

While the body of Christ in parts of the world are thriving, the American church appears headed down a dark path. Have we doomed ourselves with our self-serving nature?


6 Mistakes Irrelevant Churches Make

Empty church
Has your church become irrelevant? (Stock Free Images)

is your church in danger of becoming irrelevant? If so, what are you prepared to do to reverse this decline?


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