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Churches That Do This Have a Greater Community Impact

Do you venture out into the community to cultivate relationships?
Do you venture out into the community to cultivate relationships? (Lightstock)

If you're struggling to make a difference in your area, here are some things you might want to try.


Unrepentant: A Bleak Future for the American Church

dark church
Is the American church headed for dark times? (Lightstock)

While the body of Christ in parts of the world are thriving, the American church appears headed down a dark path. Have we doomed ourselves with our self-serving nature?


6 Mistakes Irrelevant Churches Make

Empty church
Has your church become irrelevant? (Stock Free Images)

is your church in danger of becoming irrelevant? If so, what are you prepared to do to reverse this decline?


10 Kinds of People Nobody Can Help

Mad and frustrated
Do you know anyone who has an unteachable spirit?

Unless they make the necessary shift in their attitude or behavior, there are people who simply will not advance to the next level in their relationship with God.


How to Master Stability and Longevity as a Pastor

Pastor Ronnie Floyd
Pastor Ronnie Floyd (Facebook)

While sometimes change is good for a church, there are other instances when longevity is a huge blessing. Here’s why some pastor/church marriages last a long time.


How to Have a More Loving Church, and Why It’s So Vital

Saddleback Church
Does your church affirm, accept and appreciate everyone who comes through the doors? (Saddleback Church)

Is your church visibly showing the love of Jesus—loving both believers and non-believers?


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