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7 Questions Every Volunteer Asks, but Not Out Loud

What questions aren't your volunteers asking? (iStock photo)

If you ever wonder why you have a shortage of volunteers in your church or ministry, here are some clues.


How Believers Can Distort God's Word

Reading the Bible
Many Believers inadvertently have distorted God's Word from its intent. (Lightstock )

How the rise of the Christian Left has caused Scripture to be taken out of context and furthered the biblical distortion rampant among today's believers.


7 Ways Your Church Can Project the Message ‘You’re Not Welcome’

Church sign
Does your church signage tend to repel visitors? (Photo courtesy of Ron Edmondson)

Whether it's unintentional or not, here are some things that can repel visitors away from your doors.


Where Do Pastors Get the Idea That the Bible is Practical?

Reading the Bible
Phil Cooke says the Bible may be the least practical book ever written. (Lightstock)

Some pastors think they have a gift for teaching the Bible from a practical perspective. Phil Cooke explores why the Bible may be the least practical book ever written.


Understanding the 6 Kinds of Church Services

Pastor and Bible

Find out why to better understand God’s Word, we must not only understand the content on the page but also the emotional context in which it takes place.


The Missing Link in Our Missiology

Jewish Voice Ministries International's Jonathan Bernis
Jewish Voice Ministries International's Jonathan Bernis (Jewish Voice Ministries International)

Jewish Voice Ministries' Jonathan Bernis explains why God is not finished with Israel and the Jews.


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