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Why Don’t Churches Make Equipping Their Members a Priority?

Staff meeting
Are you equipping your congregation members to make an impact in the workplace? (iStock photo)

Is your church in some way connecting faith and work for individuals? Why is this rarely preached or taught?


Do Your Students Understand When You Talk About Jesus Stuff?

Bored student
Are your students aware of the deeper meaning of their salvation? (Lightstock)

Your students probably already know who Jesus is and what He did. But do they really understand the deeper meaning of their salvation?


LifeWay Research: Racial Diversity at Church More a Dream Than a Reality

Multi-ethnic congregation
How racially diverse is your congregation?

Most pastors would agree their churches should strive for racial diversity. Find out why this isn’t really happening much across America.


Should Engaged Couples or Newlyweds Take One Year Off From Church Ministry?

Should newlyweds take one year off from church ministry? (Lightstock)

Here are seven reasons Bishop Joseph Mattera debunks the concept that these couples should step back from church ministry.


Katy Perry: Why Pastors’ Kids Go Awry

Katy Perry (center) and her parents.
Katy Perry (center) and her parents. (Facebook)

Katy Perry’s parents aren’t responsible for the path she has chosen. But there are ways the church can support and encourage pastors’ kids to help them along.


12 Tweetable Principles in Ministry Leadership

Do you find these principles helpful for your ministry? (iStock photo)

Here are some short and sweet ministry leadership principles. Are these helpful for you?


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