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How to Get Some of the Easter Crowd to Come Back

Children Bible
Are the kids who attend your children's ministry having fun learning about Jesus? (Lightstock)

Did you ever realize that children can deliver the “win” of a 75 percent return rate for your church? Find out why.


The 2 Questions Ministry Leaders Need to Ask Over and Over

Youth ministry
Are you focusing on the finished product of your youth before they leave your ministry? (Lightstock)

Are you taking notice of the finished product when a student moves on from your youth ministry? What other characteristics are you focusing on with your youth?


What Worship Style Attracts the Millennials?

Millennial couple
Do millennials really care about what type of worship style is used in their church? (iStock photo)

Millennials speak less and less about the subject, so the answer to that question may surprise many.


3 Big Goals for Your Children’s Ministry

What are the priorities for your children's ministry?
What are the priorities for your children's ministry? (Lightstock)

What are your priorities for your children’s ministry? Here are some things that should not be overlooked.


7 Qualities Women Bring to a Leadership Team

Female pastor

The debate about women in leadership roles in ministry rages on, but who can deny that women bring some things to the table much better than their counterparts?


3 Tips From Jesus’ Recruiting Model

Jesus knew how to gather great team members. (Jesus Film)

Find out how the practices Jesus used to gather His disciples can still work for us today when we are putting together a team for His purposes.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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