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5 Seriously Wrong Questions About Small-Group Ministry

Small groups
Are you asking the right questions about your small groups? (Lightstock)

Find out why some questionable queries—and their corresponding answers—can lead you down a primrose path.


Why a Supportive Spouse Is Crucial in Ministry

Supportive spouse
Ministry leader, what would you do without the support of your spouse? (Lightstock)

Here are five key areas where the support of spouses of ministry leaders is especially needed. Do you have a specific story of a supportive spouse in ministry?


Worshipping in the Powerful Presence of God

Do you give everything you have in your worship to God? (Lightstock)

God always wants more of you. Are you hungering and thirsting for more of Him?


God's Grace Is Supposed to Change Us

Has God's grace changed you?
Has God's grace changed you? (Lightstock)

Grace is a hot topic right now, but everything that is being preached or taught about it isn’t exactly sound.


How Social Media Can Save the Church’s Brand

Social media
Social media could be a major key for reframing the Christian brand.

The brand of Christianity has obviously taken a huge hit in America in recent years. Find out what can be done to reframe it through social media.


Why Isn’t Your Congregation Singing?

Bored congregation
Are your worship songs singable for the average congregation? (Lightstock)

Are the songs you sing during praise and worship singable for your church members? Here’s why you should re-evaluate some of your music.


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