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The No. 1 Way to Transform Your Children’s Ministry

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Are you ready to see your children’s ministry transformed? Remember, everything rises and falls on leadership.


As a Pastor, Who Are My Real Friends?

Shaking hands
Do you have close friends you can confide in and trust? (Stock Free Images)

Pastor, who do you confide in when you're having difficulties? Do you have an inner circle you can trust?


Pastor, Remember This When Relationships Go Wrong

Spiritual Warfare
What are your tools when engaging in spiritual warfare? (Lightstock)

Satan and his demonic army are doing everything they can to take us down. Here are some tools to keep handy to fight them off.


3 Problems With Leaders Who Are Too Nice

As a leader, are you too nice?
As a leader, are you too nice? (Stock Free Images)

Do people take advantage of your laid-back attitude? Should you be a little bit firmer as a leader?


Make Room for Young Leaders

Younger leaders
Are you empowering younger leaders? (Lightstock)

Find out why older church leaders don’t need to think about retreating or retirement as much as they need to begin empowering younger leaders.


The World’s Easiest Way to Get New Volunteers

Have you ever simply asked people if they wanted to volunteer? (David Castillo Dominici)

You say you don’t have enough volunteers for your ministry team? Here’s a surefire way to get some.


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