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The Danger in Emphasizing the Sinner’s Prayer

Man discipling boy
When you witness for Jesus, do you emphasize more than simply The Sinner's Prayer? (Lightstock)

When witnessing, why aren't Believers hammering home what actually saves—God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone?


5 Signs of an Excellent Youth Leader

Youth pastor

Do you agree with this list? Are there any other character traits great youth leaders must possess?


Do Children Like Coming to Your Church?

Kids church
Is your children's church fun or is it mundane? (Lightstock)

Discover which two words can give you an indication of whether or not your children's church has an impact on newcomers.


Does Your Church Need a Nursery?

Church nursery
Church nurseries provide a valuable service to both parents and the church.

Running a church nursery can be a challenge financially, legally and logistically. Is a nursery a necessity in your church?


Pastors’ Kids: The Shattered Glass House

Pastor kids
Pastor, are you spending time in God's Word with your children? (Lightstock)

Pastors, have you taken an honest assessment of your family life lately? What areas do you feel like you need help with or could improve?


Why Pastors Should Get Tough at a Funeral

Church funeral
(iStock photos)

Pastor Joe McKeever says God doesn't want us to sugarcoat our eulogies. It's your duty to tell them like it is.


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