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Why Isn’t Your Congregation Singing?

Bored congregation
Are your worship songs singable for the average congregation? (Lightstock)

Are the songs you sing during praise and worship singable for your church members? Here’s why you should re-evaluate some of your music.


Spirit Breakout: Unexpectedly Encountering God at an Academic Conference

Holy Spirit dove
(Kevin Carden/Lightstock)

When the Holy Spirit moved mightily at a recent academic conference, it was a moment no one wanted to see end.


How Churches Can Respond to Teens and Their Smartphones

Teens texting
Technology isn't always a bad thing when it comes to today's youth. (Ambro)

Many Christian leaders are realizing the church can redeem technology and use it for a spiritual purpose. Find out how technology can enhance relationships instead of replacing them.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Secular Songs in Worship

Worship band
Should church worship bands play secular songs? (Lightstock)

When you leave church, shouldn’t songs about Jesus be running through your head instead of the church band’s rendition of, for instance, Styx’s “Come Sail Away”?


A Leadership Principle: Better, Not Wrong

Leadership better
Are you teaching your subordinates the difference between wrong and better? (Lightstock)

One of the true characteristics of leadership is letting your subordinates know the difference between having done something in error and improving on what they’ve done.


10 Ways to Launch New Small Groups

Small church groups

What types of strategies do you use to start new small groups? Here are some suggestions.


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