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7 Ways to Connect With Guests Beyond the First Greeting

Greeting church guests is one thing, but was a connection attempt made? (Lightstock)

Do you find that guests are not coming back to your church? Could it be because no one really attempted to make a connection with them?


4 Things Kids Hate About Your Teaching

Bored teen
Are the teens in your youth group bored some of the time? How do you rectify that? (iStock photo)

How are you doing in these four areas? Were you aware that you might need to tweak a few things?


Stressing the Importance of Family Ministry

Family ministry is crucial at church, but it really begins in the home. (Lightstock)

It may be easier to trust your child’s spiritual education to “professionals,” but did you know that the Bible says that the true professionals are the family?


Where Does a Struggling Leader Go for Help?

Struggling pastor
Where do you go for help when you're struggling? (Lightstock)

Here are seven places where you might find good counseling and simply a sanctuary if you’re having a difficult time with your ministry.


Ministering to Gay Teenagers: Not a Black-and-White Matter

Gay teens
Are we being compassionate in our youth ministry toward gay teens? (iStock photo)

One of the worst things we can do to another person is make their struggle a universal either/or issue. Here’s how we can avoid that.


50 Things to Avoid in Your Children’s Ministry

Children's ministry
Here are some don'ts for your children's ministry. (Lightstock)

Children’s ministry leaders have a great deal of responsibility, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with every little task that needs performing. Here, however, is a list of things for leaders not to do when it comes to their ministry.


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