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How You May Be Hurting Your Congregation’s Singles

Single woman
Are you serving or neglecting the singles in your church? (iStock photo)

What communities are available to the single members of your congregation? How can you improve?


3 Kinds of Critics Ministerial Leaders Can Ignore

Constructive criticism is a healthy thing, as long as it's constructive and not destructive. (iStock photo)

Most everyone, especially leaders, can benefit from constructive criticism. But there are some critics people can simply ignore.


7 Reasons the Pastor’s Salary Can Be a Source of Tension

Pastor in pulpit
Why is a pastors' salary often a point of contention for a church? (Lightstock)

A pastor's salary can be a source of contention for a church's congregation and its pastor. Here's why.


3 Disciplines Every Youth Leader Needs to Succeed

Youth Leaders
Youth leaders need certain disciplines to execute their duties for the Lord. (Lightstock)

Here are some spiritual and life guidelines that can help youth ministers or pastors be all they can be. What would you add to the list?


20 Things God Might Tweet

God Twitter
What would God's messages on Twitter convey? (iStock photo)

Pastor Ron Edmondson knows he can't speak for our Creator, but here are some messages that God might send out—if He were on Twitter.


What Every Great Church Website Needs

Oaks website

What does your website say about your church? Is there intentionality reflected in your site?


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