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Reassessing God's Expectations of Our Worship

What are God's expectations of our worship?
What are God's expectations of our worship? (Lightstock)

Pastor Jack Hayford explores what it is that makes our praise worshipful to God.


8 Steps to Transform Your Worship Team

Worship team
Here's how your worship team can flourish in three different areas. (Lightstock)

Here is a plan to help your worship team flourish as worshipers, musicians and mentors. Find out how it can change the culture of your worship ministry.


5 Keys to Making a Worship Song Singable

Does your worship leader take into account the 'singability' of a song?
Does your worship leader take into account the 'singability' of a song? (Lightstock)

So what are the fundamentals of singability? What makes a song more likely to be singable?


9 Ways Worship Has Changed in 10 Years

Church choirs
Church choirs seem to be either diminishing or disappearing these days. (Lightstock)

Church services are noticeably different than they were even 10 years ago. Find out what, on the whole, has changed dramatically.


3 Common Contemporary Worship Problems

Worship leader
Is your worship lively, or does it seem stale? (Lightstock)

Some churches can get into a stale rut when it comes to their worship time. Here are the problems identified—and what can be done to avoid them.


What Worship Style Attracts the Millennials?

Millennial couple
Do millennials really care about what type of worship style is used in their church? (iStock photo)

Millennials speak less and less about the subject, so the answer to that question may surprise many.


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