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12 Keys to a More Powerful Prayer Life

Rick Warren
(Rick Warren)

Jesus' prayer life was well-documented in the Bible. If we are to be Christlike, shouldn't our prayer life be modeled after His?


Pastor, Is Your Prayer Life Setting an Example?

Pastor, how's your prayer life?
Pastor, how's your prayer life? (Lightstock)

Your obviously busy schedule aside, how much time are you spending in prayer each day?


‘How I Received a Breakthrough Anointing in Prayer’

Prayer anointing

In an excerpt from his latest book, Bishop Joseph Mattera reveals a key to experiencing the heart of God.


How Sunday Morning Prayer Can Spark Revival in Your Church

Prayer meeting at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas
Prayer meeting at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas (Facebook)

Can you imagine what would happen in America if every church spent an entire Sunday morning worship service focused on prayer for revival in the church and awakening in America?


The Danger in Emphasizing the Sinner’s Prayer

Man discipling boy
When you witness for Jesus, do you emphasize more than simply The Sinner's Prayer? (Lightstock)

When witnessing, why aren't Believers hammering home what actually saves—God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone?


The Power of Pastors Praying Together

Pastors praying
Do you often get together with other pastors and pray for each other? (

Are you a big believer in men of God praying for other men of God? Do you do it often?


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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