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7 Pieces of Advice For Those Just Starting in Ministry

Young pastor
Here's some solid advice for young pastors. (Lightstock)

Here are some gems of wisdom from a veteran pastor to the younger generation.


Why Everyone Needs a Mentor and How to Find One

Mentor and young man
Do you have a mentor, or have you mentored someone? (iStock photo)

There are several reasons even you, as a ministerial leader, needs someone to disciple you. Here are a few.


What Moses Teaches Us About Mentoring

Moses and Joshua
Moses (right) and Joshua

Are you involved in a mutually beneficial mentoring/student relationship? What is holding you back?


Joe McKeever: A Minister Should Be Able to Teach

Joe McKeever

Are you preaching, teaching, or both?


Make Room for Young Leaders

Younger leaders
Are you empowering younger leaders? (Lightstock)

Find out why older church leaders don’t need to think about retreating or retirement as much as they need to begin empowering younger leaders.


3 Acceptable Excuses Killing Your Potential

Confident-man-mistakes-smallIt’s easy to tell whether a person is giving an excuse. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent or a leader, we’ve all heard excuses from other people that don’t quite add up.

While determining the validity of someone else’s excuse is fairly black and white, it’s not so easy when it comes to the excuses we give ourselves. Oftentimes we give ourselves a lot more slack with our own excuses. It’s taken me years to realize that the excuses I often find “acceptable” can possibly destroy the influence, leadership potential and personal growth I want to accomplish.

Here are three of the most common acceptable excuses I’ve found myself giving over the past few years. But I have recently realized the danger of using them:


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