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If You're Not a Good Husband, Can You Be a Good Pastor?

John Wesley
John Wesley

As a pastor, have you remembered the covenant you made before God concerning your bride, or do you act like John Wesley did toward his?


Should Engaged Couples or Newlyweds Take One Year Off From Church Ministry?

Should newlyweds take one year off from church ministry? (Lightstock)

Here are seven reasons Bishop Joseph Mattera debunks the concept that these couples should step back from church ministry.


Should a Wife Keep Her Husband’s Sexual Sin a Secret?

What should a bewildered wife do if she catches her husband viewing pornography?
What should a bewildered wife do if she catches her husband viewing pornography? (Suus Wansink)

Find out the most loving and respectful thing a wife can do for her husband on behalf of their marriage.


3 Ideas of How to Support Your Spouse in Ministry

How are you encouraging your spouse in their ministry?
How are you encouraging your spouse in their ministry? (Aldomurrillo/IStock)

Whether it's the husband or the wife—or both—here's some suggestions on how to encourage your mate in doing God's work.


Marriage Battle: The Frontline of Offense


Have you ever stopped to think and seriously consider that the local church—your church—is the frontline of offense in the battle for marriage and ultimately the family?

It’s a daunting thought. God instituted marriage as one of the foundational principals of mankind, and since the moment of its inception, this sacred bond has been under attack. How is a pastor, whose time and capacity are already spread paper thin, supposed to wage a war for these covenant relationships and maintain a revolution of this magnitude and importancewhen the world is working to make them ever more dispensable?


What is God's Vision of Marriage?


Ever met anyone who opened your eyes to something that revolutionized your life? For me, that guy is my ministry friend, David Smith. More than 20 years ago after a game of golf, in casual conversation David unknowingly introduced me to an idea that ever since has been a game changer in my marriage.

Anyone who meets David for the first time quickly discovers he’s married—happily married. David talks about his wife Linda all the time—even on the golf course where many men seldom talk about their wives. I’ve always admired that about him. When I spent time with him, he constantly complimented Linda and went out of his way to build her up in front of others.


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