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How to Build a Successful Blog

Do you have a blog or would you like to start one? (iStock photo)

Blogging for pastors has become an effective tool of evangelism. Here's how you can get people reading yours.


7 Ways Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Church

Social media
Church growth can depend a great deal on how you handle social media. (iStock photo)

Social media is nothing new, but there are still some churches out there that haven't grasped how effective it can be.


20 Things God Might Tweet

God Twitter
What would God's messages on Twitter convey? (iStock photo)

Pastor Ron Edmondson knows he can't speak for our Creator, but here are some messages that God might send out—if He were on Twitter.


What Every Great Church Website Needs

Oaks website

What does your website say about your church? Is there intentionality reflected in your site?


6 Ways Churches Can Still Use Facebook Well

Grace Hills Church
Grace Hills Church's Facebook page. (Facebook)

Facebook most definitely has its downside, but there are still some major advantages to the most popular social media venue.


How Social Media Can Save the Church’s Brand

Social media
Social media could be a major key for reframing the Christian brand.

The brand of Christianity has obviously taken a huge hit in America in recent years. Find out what can be done to reframe it through social media.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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