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6 Ways Churches Can Still Use Facebook Well

Grace Hills Church
Grace Hills Church's Facebook page. (Facebook)

Facebook most definitely has its downside, but there are still some major advantages to the most popular social media venue.


How Social Media Can Save the Church’s Brand

Social media
Social media could be a major key for reframing the Christian brand.

The brand of Christianity has obviously taken a huge hit in America in recent years. Find out what can be done to reframe it through social media.


12 Tweetable Principles in Ministry Leadership

Do you find these principles helpful for your ministry? (iStock photo)

Here are some short and sweet ministry leadership principles. Are these helpful for you?


5 Reasons the Church Must Engage the World with Social Media

Technology knows no cultural boundaries, and neither does social media.

People have real needs that can be met via social media. Find out why it’s a crucial tool for the church to reach the lost.


The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Churches Make

Church crowd
Do you think your church's online presence could be driving people away?

A church’s Internet presence says a lot about the church itself. Here are some things for churches not to do online.


How to Make Your Online Church Experience Effective

Online streaming
Online streaming for churches is an unperfected art. (© Pdiaz | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

Most churches have yet to master the art of streaming an online service. Here are some great tips.


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