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10 Reasons Kids Can’t Remember the Lesson You Taught Last Week

Are you challenging your students to remember what they learned?
Are you challenging your students to remember what they learned?

Did you know that if you did the following things this past weekend the kids have already forgotten 90 percent of what you taught?


Children’s Pastors: The Great Void

Children's ministry
Solid, young children's ministry leaders are hard to come by these days. (Lightstock)

Strong, young children's pastors are hard to come by these days. Here's why veteran children's pastors must be intentional about investing in the next generation of leaders.


10 Phrases Kids Need to Hear at Church

Children's ministry
What words of encouragement are you expressing to the kids in your children's ministry? (Facebook)

Do you want to see your students transformed for Christ? Here are some words of encouragement that can help.


‘And a Little Child Shall Lead Them’

Children leaders
Give the kids at your church a chance to serve. They just may surprise you. (Relevant Children's Ministry)

Guess who does many good things for your church you may not know about? The answer may surprise you.


Why It's Crucial to Reach Young Parents for Christ

Young parents
What are you doing to reach your students' entire families? (Lightstock)

While you may be reaching the children in your ministry, what are you doing to influence their parents?


How to Tell Someone They Can’t Serve in Your Children’s Ministry

Children's Ministry
For obvious safety reasons, children's ministry workers should be screened well before being allowed to volunteer. (Lighttstock)

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you had to tell a volunteer that they couldn't serve in your children's ministry? How did you handle it?


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