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10 Books Pastors Simply Must Read

Books in bookstore
What are some books that have impacted your life? (iStock photo)

Here are some excellent books that can have a huge impact on your ministry and your life.


MEV: ‘It’s Staggeringly Good’

The new Modern English Version of the Bible
The new Modern English Version of the Bible

Find out why the Modern English Version of the Bible, due out this month, is not simply another new translation.


Why Don’t Churches Make Equipping Their Members a Priority?

Staff meeting
Are you equipping your congregation members to make an impact in the workplace? (iStock photo)

Is your church in some way connecting faith and work for individuals? Why is this rarely preached or taught?


7 Contemporary Extremes in the Teaching of the Kingdom of God

Joseph Mattera
Joseph Mattera

Bishop Joseph Mattera says that with every move of God, there are always extremes and/or misunderstandings. Find out what some of those are.


3 Dangers Large Churches Face

Mega-churchesI love to eat! When I was in high school, I would go for a day or two without eating and never even notice. We had plenty of food; I was just busy with other things. Now I barely go for an hour or two without being tempted by something with enough calories to add pounds just by looking at it.

I appreciate a nice restaurant with quality food and great service. I love Atlanta, but it did take some getting used to “all things fried” and sweet tea so sweet it can take the enamel off your teeth. So each time Patti and I find a really great restaurant, we are thrilled.

Large and small restaurants share a similar purpose. They want to serve good food, provide good service and make a profit. But they are different in nature. Small, one-of-a-kind restaurants have different concerns than the larger “mega” restaurants, chains and franchises do.


How to Get Your Blog Unstuck

On-the-internetDuring my coaching networks and ministry health assessments, I frequently spend time checking out church websites. While evaluating the sites, I’ve noticed many pastors and ministry leaders are writing blogs.

Honestly, some of the blogs seem stuck.

I’ve noticed many people start out strong, with a desire to inform, inspire and interact with their church and the people they're trying to reach. But the blog eventually becomes outdated, boring and non-applicable to people’s lives.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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