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7 Suggestions to Have the Best Christmas Ever

Family Christmas
What steps are you taking to make sure your family has a joyous and non-stressful Christmas? (Wikimedia Commons)

Is Christmas a stressful time of year for you, or is it a joyful time? Here's how to make sure it's the latter.


The One-Word Secret to Balancing Family and Ministry

Rob Hoskins
Rob Hoskins grew up as a missionary kid and knows what it takes to be intentional about both family and ministry. (Photo courtesy of Rob Hoskins)

Pastors, lock on to this one concept and you'll find a great deal more success in both areas.


Pastors’ Kids: The Shattered Glass House

Pastor kids
Pastor, are you spending time in God's Word with your children? (Lightstock)

Pastors, have you taken an honest assessment of your family life lately? What areas do you feel like you need help with or could improve?


Stressing the Importance of Family Ministry

Family ministry is crucial at church, but it really begins in the home. (Lightstock)

It may be easier to trust your child’s spiritual education to “professionals,” but did you know that the Bible says that the true professionals are the family?


Pastors’ Wives Deserve Empathy, Respect Too

Joe-McKeever-smallThe letters and comments are pouring in from our recent article on the pastor’s wife.

I suppose it should not surprise me—weirdness is everywhere—but some people were angry that we called the pastor’s wife “the most vulnerable person in church.” One guy gave a long list of people, mostly the hurting seekers who arrive at church hoping to find a word of encouragement or a helping hand, who come before her.

There is no question that churches are filled with seeking, hurting, vulnerable people. Ranking them in order of desperation and need is pointless, since we are to be ministering to them all.


A Word to the Pastor’s Wife From a Pastor’s Wife

Ron-and-CherylI love being a pastor’s wife. It truly is who God has called me to be in this season of life. Everyday is not easy, but when I’m serving as God intended for me to serve, I’m never more fulfilled in life.

That’s why I decided to share this advice to pastor’s wives. (I understand my husband has lots of pastors who read his blog. I hope they will share this with their spouse.)

Here is my advice:

Don’t try to be something you are not … and … Don’t be afraid to be yourself.


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