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Why Your Church Should Consider Live Internet Streaming

The Cove Church's Internet Campus
The Cove Church's Internet Campus (The Cove Church)

Did you know that if your church operates cameras in worship, whether for image magnification or broadcast to other campuses, it has the potential to do an Internet campus?


Why the Internet Is a Godsend for Pastors

The Internet
The Internet has become a great evangelism tool for pastors. (Lightstock)

For one thing, it multiplies your influence by infinity.


Why You Should Use the Internet to Impact, Not Implode

Internet influence
Are you using the Internet to impact the Kingdom of God or to implode it? (iStock photo)

Here's why we shouldn't be so quick to criticize Christian leaders when we hear things through the media.


8 Trends of Church Members on Social Media

Church social media
What social media trends do you notice from the members of your congregation? (iStock photo)

Have you noticed how the members of your church are using social media? Are they doing good or are they doing harm to your church and the Christian community?


25 Things You Most Likely Would Never See God Tweet

Twitter account
What are some things that you think God would never say on Twitter? (iStock photo)

If God were on Twitter, here are some things you can trust that you would never see on His page.


A Generous Tip That Can Help You Grow Your Blog Audience

Pastor writing blog
Are you struggling to get your readers to your blog? (iStock photo)

If you are struggling to get readers to your Internet blog, you might want to try this.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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