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How You May Be Hurting Your Congregation’s Singles

Single woman
Are you serving or neglecting the singles in your church? (iStock photo)

What communities are available to the single members of your congregation? How can you improve?


3 Kinds of Critics Ministerial Leaders Can Ignore

Constructive criticism is a healthy thing, as long as it's constructive and not destructive. (iStock photo)

Most everyone, especially leaders, can benefit from constructive criticism. But there are some critics people can simply ignore.


9 Heartfelt Things Pastors Would Like to Say to Church Members

Pastors are human, too, and need church members to be sensitive at times.
Pastors are human, too, and need church members to be sensitive at times. (Lightstock)

Pastors, what would you add or change on this list? Church members, what do you think about these nine items?


Why Pastors Should Get Tough at a Funeral

Church funeral
(iStock photos)

Pastor Joe McKeever says God doesn't want us to sugarcoat our eulogies. It's your duty to tell them like it is.


Is Your Church Pursuing Biblical Hospitality?

Is your church pursuing biblical hospitality? (Lightstock)

New Testament hospitality doesn’t happen for an hour or a week or two. Find out how it becomes a lifestyle of deep conviction and a reflection of our love for God.


Reconciliation: The Rhythm of God

One with Jesus
You are reconciled with Jesus, but have you moved with Him to reconcile with others? (Lightstock)

Are we really following Jesus—moving toward reconciliation with others after we’ve reconciled with Him?


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