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4 Things Millennials Need From Their Church

Youth in church
Are you meeting the needs of the millennials in your church? (Lighttstock)

The younger generation wants to be a part of a church. But there are certain conditions—and rightfully so—that should be met.


10 Ways to Double Church Volunteer Recruitment

(iStock photo)

Here are some proven methods to help you attract more volunteers and keep them.


10 Ways to Edify Your Pastor

Edify pastor
Can you think of other ways to edify your pastor? (Lightstock)

If you want to help your church grow, do these 10 things.


How to Release Creative People for Effective Ministry

Creative people
Are you releasing creative people for effective ministry? (Lightstock)

Do you empower the talented people of your congregation to utilize their gifts for the gospel of Christ?


11 Ways to Make Your Staff Meetings Better

Staff meeting
Are your weekly and monthly staff meetings exciting or monotonous? (iStock photo)

Your weekly or monthly staff meetings don't have to be boring or drawn out. Here's how you can improve them to keep everybody's attention.


Pastors, You Need to Know How to Spot Suicide Risks

Can you see the signs when a member of your congregation is really hurting?
Can you see the signs when a member of your congregation is really hurting? (iStock photo)

Here's why pastors—people who can offer true hope—should be aware of the myths surrounding suicide and what to do when people are desperate.


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