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8 Ways to Bridge Generation Gaps in Churches

Multi generational
What is your church doing to bridge the gap between generations? (iStock photo)

Is the gap between young and older members in your church wider than it should be? What can you do to minimize it?


5 Blind Spots That Derail Small-Group Ministries

Small groups
Have you avoided these blind spots in your church's small-group ministry? (Lightstock)

If your small-group ministry isn't as effective as you would like it to be, is it because of one or perhaps all of these factors?


How to Endure a Critical and Non-Supportive Leader

Critical leader
How do you deal with a critical and unsupportive leader? (Lightstock)

Instead of becoming bitter and unproductive, here's another way to react to such a boss.


Pastor, You Are Not a King

There is only one king in the kingdom of God, and that's our Lord Jesus Christ. (Wikimedia Commons)

Has a Saul come between you and another member of your staff? Is it because of the way you see yourself?


10 Concerns of Young Church Leaders

Youg pastor and veteran pastor
Are you listening to the concerns of the next generation of leaders? (iStock photo)

Are you wise enough to walk beside the next generation of leaders, loving them, praying for them and guiding them as needed?


5 Ways Pastors Can Truly Be Present With People

Pastor, how's your attentiveness these days? (iStock photo)

Do you practice the skill of attentiveness, or do you lose the trust of the people you long to engage?


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