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5 Signs of a Mean-Spirited Leader

Do you know any religious bullies?
Do you know any religious bullies? (Stock Free Images)

Dr. Charles Swindoll recently Tweeted a staunch warning to Christian bullies who are giving Believers a bad name.


Why Pastors and Ministry Leaders Have Difficulty Retiring

Pastor retire
Why is it difficult for some pastors to simply retire? (Lightstock)

What are the biggest reasons you've encountered that make church and ministry succession so challenging?


Misery: Toxic Fumes for the Lord’s Servant

How do you handle it when you find yourself in misery?
How do you handle it when you find yourself in misery? (Lightstock)

Here are some self-destructive things people in the ministry do to undermine their effectiveness.


Charisma vs. Character: Which is More Important for Leaders?

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Hitler, Marx and Mussolini all had charisma. But isn't character much more crucial for a leader?


Pastors, Take a Stand for Religious Freedom Before It’s Too Late

Pastor angry

If the current trend continues, ministerial leaders could be forced to officiate same-sex weddings in America. What will you do to stem that tide?


7 Hints You’re About to Make a Bad Leadership Decision


Are these some things you consider before a major decision for your church is made? What are some other ways you diagnose a potential bad decision?


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