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Here's the Jesus Way to Cultural Influence

Do you, as an influencer for Christ, possess the qualities Jesus described in His Sermon on the Mount? (Lightstock)

Do you believe that you can effectively influence the world for Christ? Does your character include these qualities?


7 Proven Tips to Increase Your Killer Focus

Staying focused
How do you stay focused on your daily tasks? (iStock photo)

If you have difficulty focusing on the task at hand, here are some suggestions that might help you.


What to Do When Your Team Can’t Trust Its Leader

Broken Trust
Once you've broken the trust of your staff, it's difficult to get it back. (iStock photo)

If your word can't be counted on, what's to prevent chaos and disharmony from following?


The Sweet Spot of Sharing the Christian Message

Are preachers missing the point on the most important part of a sermon? (Lightstock)

Some preachers are criticized for leading with the grace message, while others preach a more serious message about tough subjects. But, there is one crucial thing some churches and preachers forget.


5 Ways Leaders Must Guard Their Minds

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Isn't your influence and impact as a leader too important to allow poor mental habits or sinful thinking to ruin your ministry?


Fasting in the Life of a Pastor

Prayer and fasting
Pastor, when is the last time you fasted and immersed yourself in prayer? (Lightstock)

Is fasting simply a hoop you jump through to get God's attention? Or is it something you do voluntarily for spiritual cleansing?


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