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14 Symptoms of Toxic Church Leaders

Toxic pastor
Do you know any toxic church leaders who are all about themselves? (iStock photo)

Do you know of any toxic ministerial leaders? Do these characteristics seem familiar?


Are You Succeeding at Cultivating Faith in Your Church?

Cultivating faith
How are you doing at cultivating faith in your church? (Lightstock)

If you are struggling with this daunting task, here are some suggestions that might help.


If You’re Not Living the Life, Don’t Profess to Be a Christian

Bored at church
Is the gospel boring you? Are you living what you profess? (Lightstock)

Everyone sins and falls short of the glory of God. But why do many say, 'Lord, Lord,' and then not do what He says to do on a daily basis?


A Healthy Church Requires a Healthy Structure

Rick Warren
Rick Warren

When a church plateaus, it is time for renewal. What type of renewal does your church need?


7 Contrasts Between Market-Driven Culture and Biblical Christianity

Bible reading
Are you promoting biblical Christianity or a market-driven culture in your church? (Lightstock)

Honestly, which of these are you and your church clinging to?


5 Prices a Leader Must Be Willing to Pay

Young pastor
Before you enter the ministry, make sure you consider the costs. (iStock photo)

Without question, there will be roadblocks for you in the process of carrying out Jesus' work. Here are some—and how to overcome them.


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