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10 Ways the Enemy Gets the Upper Hand in a Church

Pride and ego
Are pride and ego allowing the enemy to get the upper hand in your church? (iStock photo)

Here are some things that can cause chaos and confusion in a church, which is just what Satan wants.


Why the Church Needs to Change the Way We Talk About Sex

Shouldn't the church rethink the way its people talk about sex?
Shouldn't the church rethink the way its people talk about sex? (iStock photo)

Could you imagine if the church got serious about our sins? What if we repented?


Pastor, Would You Follow This Prayer Plan?

Will you follow Jesus' prayer plan?
Will you follow Jesus' prayer plan? (Lightstock)

If Jesus used this simple and effective model of prayer in His life, wouldn't it be logical for pastors to do so?


5 Suggestions for When the Senior Leader is Unpopular

Heart of God
When everything and everybody seem against you, maintain the heart of God. (Lightstock)

There are days as a senior leader when you feel like you don't have a friend in the world. Here's what to do.


What Does Audience Feedback Mean to Preachers?

Billy Joel
Entertainer Billy Joel gets it. (Facebook)

As a preacher, do you find yourself often scanning the audience for reactions to your sermons?


4 Things Self-Aware Leaders Know That Others Don’t

Self awareness
Pastor, how self-aware are you? (iStock photo)

So what have you learned in working with self-aware people, or with leaders who are not self-aware? What has helped you grow as a leader?


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