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7 Costly Elements of Good Leadership

Costly leadership

Leaders should consider whether they are willing to pay the price for good leadership. Here’s what it can cost you.


Phil Cooke: The Difference Between Opinions and Ideas

Men at water cooler
(Stock Free Images)

How much of your life is spent spewing opinions versus developing or thinking about great ideas? Here’s how to tell the concepts apart.


12 Ways to Be a Godly Leader

Are you an example of Christ-likneness to your congregation?
Are you an example of Christ-likneness to your congregation? (Lightstock)

What makes you a bold example of Christ-likeness for your congregation? Here are some suggestions of how you can walk the walk.


How to Develop Godly Culture in Your Church

Godly culture

It can be very difficult to repair a negative culture in a church. Here are some things to consider when assessing the atmosphere in yours, and some suggestions to improve it.


The 4 Cs of Effective Vision Casting

Woman binoculars
Are you utilizing the 4 Cs when casting vision for your church? (Stock Images)

There are several key considerations involved when developing a vision for your church. Find out what they are.


18 Practices of Churches That Have Sustained Success

Success sustained

Drawing upon a baseball reference, leadership architect Brian Dodd says church leaders would do well to look at the St. Louis Cardinals as a benchmark for continued organizational excellence.


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