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What to Do When Your Team Makes a U-Turn

U-Turn sign

Many teams don’t function well when at a personnel deficit. Find out what to do when faced with this situation.


God Does Big Things in Small Churches

Small churches

Don’t judge a church by its size. Find out why a large army of small churches could be the sleeping giant that strategically infiltrates the world.


How to Avoid Crash-Landing Your Sermons

Are your sermons sometimes in danger of a crash landing? (Michal Marcol)

Some sermons may have a great beginning and a solid message, but find out why it’s the finish that has the greatest impact for the gospel.


10 Reasons Leaders Need a Confidant

Do you have a confidant?
Do you have a confidant? (Ambro/Free Digital Photos)

If you’re in a position to lead, you need someone to listen to you and give you advice. Here are 10 traits of a good confidant.


Mark Rutland: Obamacare Rollout and the Vasa Ship Syndrome

Dr. Mark Rutland
Dr. Mark Rutland (Facebook)

In the 1600s, the Vasa ship was a disaster waiting to happen for the Swedish government. Find out how its lack of leadership relates to Obamacare.


The Toughest Thing Preachers Must Know

Pastor discernment
Does the Holy Spirit sometimes convict you in the middle of a message? (Lightstock)

How do preachers discern when something they're planning to share is of God or just a conviction of their own? Find out how to tell the difference.


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