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Are Some Evangelical Pastors Using a False Roman Model of the Kingdom?

Joseph Mattera
Joseph Mattera

Find out why Bishop Joseph Mattera says evangelical pastors should reject the Roman Catholic template of the kingdom.


Doug Stringer: The Pulpit Is Responsible

Pastor mistakes
Are those in the pulpit responsible for the church's behavior? (Lightstock)

God-inspired preaching bears legitimate fruit. But author Doug Stringer says if the church is degenerate and worldly, those in the pulpit are to blame.


Why You May Need Some Fresh Ideas for New Sunday School Classes

Small group
Do you need fresh ideas for your church's Sunday school classes or small groups? (Lightstock)

It’s a new year. Will your church make an intentional plan to reach new people for Christ by establishing new small groups?


4 Questions to Consider Before You Aspire to Become a Pastor

Are you sure you want to be a pastor? (Stock Free Images)

Pastoring is the greatest privilege to which a human could be called. Are you up to the challenge?


12 Things Every Young Pastor Should Hear

Young pastors
Young pastors need encouragement to continue their godly journey, (Lightstock)

Young pastors are bound to stumble along the way. Here are some words of encouragement they might need along the journey.


David Shibley: Take the Way of Escape

David Shibley
David Shibley (Facebook)

Here's how to avoid being the next casualty of moral failures among leaders.


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