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Why Being a Pastor Is Not for Everybody

Pastorate privilege
Do you think more about your right to free speech or about the integrity of the gospel? (Lightstock)

While freedom of speech may not apply to the pastorate, the qualifications of the role protect the integrity and reputation of a greater message: freedom in Christ.


Some Can’t-Miss Books for Family Ministry Leaders

Books on bookshelves
(iStock photo)

If you're leading a family, children’s or youth ministry, here are some selections you should be reading.


10 Preaching Errors Pastors Can Avoid

In the pulpit, do you try to be somebody that you're not?
In the pulpit, do you try to be somebody you're not? (Lightstock)

If you want to help your hearers focus on God and think on God when they leave your sermon, here are 10 things you simply cannot do.


Why Aren’t We Seeing Miraculous Healing in the US?

healing power
Why isn't there more healing in the Western world? (Lightstock)

Impact Nations’ Steve Stewart has been asked that question by many lately. Find out what has been happening in India and Africa compared to the West.


When Sin Loses Its Appeal

Free from sin
Has sin lost its appeal for you? (Stock Free Images)

When you selfishly don’t want to win because you don’t want to ruin something much better with something less satisfying, that’s when lasting change takes root.


Are You a Prophet or an Orator?

Orator or prophet
Are you simply an orator, or are you a true preacher of the Word? (Lighstock)

Do you simply make your congregation feel good with a few inspirational verses, or are you teaching them the Word?


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