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10 Ways to Spot an Unlikely Leader

Pastor authority
Sometimes a potential leader is difficult to spot. (iStock photo)

Sometimes leaders emerge from places and in the form of people you never expected. Here’s how to find those diamonds in the rough.


7 Ways to Attract First-Chair Leaders to a Second-Chair Position

Young pastor
Most young pastors have dreams of becoming a first-chair leader. (Lightstock)

Leaders are ambitious people by nature. If you’ve been in a top position for any length of time, can you ever see yourself in a subordinate position again?


Are You Performing or Ministering?

Are you performing or ministering? (iStock photo)

Ministry can be stressful at times. But have you lost your true identity as a pastor by trying to do everything?


How Your Church Can Survive a Financial Crisis

If your church is in the middle of a financial crisis, here are some suggestions that might help.
If your church is in the middle of a financial crisis, here are some suggestions that might help. (Stock Free Images)

Find out what members of a panel of fundraising experts suggest to help your church escape a money crunch.


8 Reasons I’d Love to Be a Pastor Again

While pastoring a church can be a major challenge, it also carries with it great rewards. (Lightstock)

Not everyone is called to be a pastor, but for those who are, there are a lot of great spiritual benefits.


8 Questions to Ask When Preparing Your Sermons

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Whose model do you follow when you are preparing your sermons?


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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