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When Should a Pastor Leave a Church?

Pastor praying

Are there specific signs for a pastor to take his cue and head out the door? Here are a few.


Be Careful How You Teach

Is your youth group getting what you're teaching?
Is your youth group getting what you're teaching? (Lightstock)

Connecting students to the truth is not intuitive for everyone. Do you know how to strategically pull apart a lesson and get to the heart of the issue?


How a Pastor Should Handle a Problem in the Church

Church staff meeting
When problems arise, how do you handle them?

Because the church is comprised of people, pastors must deal with problems periodically. Here are some suggestions on how to tackle them.


How Much Sermon Preparation Time Is Enough?

Preparation time
How much time do you spend preparing your sermons? (Lightstock)

In this ever-busy world, is easy to limit your time with your sermon. However, you may be spending more time with it than you think.


5 Requirements for Being a Warrior for God

Usable warrior
Have you kept yourself usable for God? (Lightstock)

If you want God to use you greatly, here are some things you need to do to make yourself usable.


Thinking About the Lost Art of Honor

Knees praying
Do you enter into God's presence with humility? (Lightstock)

When you are invited into the presence of the Lord to minister to Him, do you bring wholeheartedness, praise, humility, reverence and respect?


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