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Dan Reiland: Church Politics

Church staff meeting
Is church politics getting in the way of God's will for your church? (Lightstock)

In the first of a two-part series, 12Stone Church’s Dan Reiland takes a look at how the agenda of church politics can be devastating.


Stop Being a Car-Chasing Leader

Dog running
Are you chasing your dream or God's for your life?

Are you, as a pastor and leader, guilty of trying to catch something that is simply going too fast?


10 Things to Know About the Young Families You’re Trying to Reach

Family time
(Stock Free Images)

Sometimes it’s difficult for the older generation to connect with the millennials. Here are some good suggestions.


12 Social Skills Required for Every Pastor

Ministry Leader
Ministry leader, how are your social skills?

Sometimes even pastors have difficulty relating to others. Here are some learned skills that might help along the journey.


10 Areas Where Pastors Need Training for the 21st Century

No matter what the future holds, the message of the cross is still the priority for ministry leaders. (Creation Swap)

Because the American culture has shifted so dramatically in recent years, pastors should be equipped to keep up. Here are some suggestions.


7 Reasons Church Leaders Should Memorize Scripture

Word of God
How well have you memorized Scripture? (Lightstock)

What obstacles to memorization do you face? More importantly, what strategies have you found effective?


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