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7 Warning Signs Before Leadership Failure

Bishop Joseph Mattera
Bishop Joseph Mattera

Most leaders have fallen into these in one way, shape or form. Have you learned the hard leadership lessons of life so you can pass on wisdom to the next generation?


Brad Lomenick: Great Leaders Are Committed to the Insignificant

Brad Lomenick
Brad Lomenick (Facebook)

Find out why strong leaders are the best they can possibly be at all times, even with menial assignments that no one else cares about.


Assemblies of God: A Centennial Pilgrimage to Hot Springs

A historic marker, indicating the historic location of the site of the founding convention of the Assemblies of God, was placed in the sidewalk on Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Ark. (Assemblies of God)

The recent 100-year anniversary celebration of the Assemblies of God drew a large gathering from across the country. Find out how officials celebrated the event.


Do We Really Need More Churches in America?

Are more churches needed in America?
Are more churches needed in America? (Lightstock)

If many churches are not reaching people with the gospel, is it a good idea to continue planting them?


6 Leadership Tasks for Easter

redemption (Lightstock)

Are you living out Easter and its truths all year long, or do you celebrate it only once a year?


7 Easter Declarations People are Dying to Hear

Jesus' tomb
What will you preach about this Resurrection Sunday? (Lightstock)

Easter Sunday is not the time to dwell on trivial things. Preach the one message that matters.


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