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How a New Minister Can Gain the Trust of the Congregation

How have you gained the trust of your congregation?
How have you gained the trust of your congregation? (Stock Free Images)

Respect and trust from your congregation is something that is earned. Why is that concept difficult for some pastors to grasp?


2 Signs of Abusive Church Authority

Woman mouth taped shut
Are there any abuses of authority you've seen inside your church walls? (Stock Free Images)

Does your church authority demand submission? Here are some red flags that your church may be going beyond the boundaries of biblical authority.


How to React When a Pastor or Other Leader Experiences a Serious Failing

Moral failure
Has your church been forced to deal with some sort of moral failure? How did it handle it? (iStock photo)

If you’re a church leader, elder, board member or know someone who is, this is a critical list you should share and keep handy just in case a crisis happens in your church.


10 Reasons Why Ministry Is Not for the Faint of Heart

With all of these realities, do you still want to be a pastor?
With all of these realities, do you still want to be a pastor? (Lightstock)

After understanding these realities, do you believe being a pastor still your thing?


Greg Surratt: 5 Things I Read That Can Make Me a Better Leader

Greg Surratt
Greg Surratt (Facebook)

How do you keep up with the latest trends among ministerial leaders?


Do You Have Spiritual Blind Spots?

Cross of Jesus
Are you teachable enough to know you have spiritual blind spots? (iStock photo)

Do you have a self-preserving vision of how God should work? Pastor John Burke explains that everyone can be deceived, but there are ways to rebuke it.


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