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5 Pleas From Pastors to Search Committees

Search committee
What would you want a Search committee to know when they are seeking you out for a pastoral position? (iStock photo)

Here are some things that ministerial leaders would like search committees to know when they are looking for a new pastor.


Pastor, There Are Some Things You Simply Don’t Want to Know

Hands over ears
(iStock photo)

When bad things happen to you as a servant of God, do you always search for the reason they happen?


When Preaching, First Break Then Build

Rebuilding a car
Preaching is like rebuilding a car. To build up your congregation's faith, you've got to break it down first. (iStock photo)

Find out why this simple principle of preaching takes a lifetime to master and why it's worth it.


Apostolic Keys for Activation and Implementation from Nehemiah

Are you a leader of words or action?
Are you a leader of words or action? (iStock photo)

Nehemiah was a man of action. Here are some of the things that made his ministry—and possibly can make yours—successful.


Do You Have the Right Stuff to Lead God's Army?

(iStock photo)

Titles don't trump character. These four questions will help you determine where you stand with your leadership skills.


Are You Serving Slop From the Pulpit?

To be honest, do you find yourself getting lazy at times with your preaching?
To be honest, do you find yourself getting lazy at times with your preaching? (Lightstock)

Every sermon you preach isn't going to wow the masses. But then do you sometimes find yourself getting lazy with your messages?


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