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Pastoral Secrets Lead to Pastoral Sickness

Pastor secret
Do you harbor any secrets that make you sick inside? (iStock photo)

Are you carrying around a hidden burden? Here's why you should at least tell someone you trust.


Does God Care About Organization?

Are organization and structure important to you?
Are organization and structure important to you? (Lightstock)

Churches with a simple strategy are vibrant and growing. Here's why complex churches, are struggling and anemic.


How to Use Your God-Given Influence as a Kingdom Builder

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

What are you doing with the time, resources and influence that God gave you as a ministerial leader?


To Grow Your Church You Must Know the Culture

Small town
Have you taken the time to mingle with the people of your community? (iStock photo)

Do you interact with your community regularly, or do you hoard your time as your own? Here's why it might be a good idea to get out and mingle often.


3 Hard Questions for Preachers

Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell (Facebook)

Here's a short list of questions that every preacher—and church head—should be asking themselves.


Can a Dying Church Find Life?

How can a dying church be resuscitated?
How can a dying church be rescuscitated? (iStock photo)

Here are 6 radical steps to answering 'yes' to that question.


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