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Do You Gravitate Toward Standard or Exotic Texts for Sermons?

Preacher sermons
Does preaching on the 'easy' subjects sometimes seem the most tedious? (Lightstock)

Do you find yourself at times staying away from conducting sermons on the 'oldies but goodies' such as John 3:16 or the Golden Rule? Why?


8 Ways to Represent God in This World

Godly pastor
Are you allowing the Bible to determine how you represent God? (Lightstock)

Here's how the Bible instructs us to behave and how to present the gospel to non-believers.


4 Practices of Highly Effective Churches

Church effectiveness
Does your church practice these things? (Facebook)

What other things do successful churches do to reach others for the gospel? What would you add to this list?


6 Simple Strategies to Help Pastors Make Big Ministry Strides

Run for goal line
Will any or all of these strategies help you toward the goal line of God's mission for you? (iStock)

Which of these easy-to-execute ideas will help you most in achieving God's mission for you?


20 Words of Advice For Young Pastors

young pastor
Young pastor, what do you think of these words of wisdom? (Lightstock )

If you're just starting out in ministry and trying to get a foothold, here are some suggestions to which you may want to pay heed.


Real Worship: What Does It Look and Sound Like?

Worship band
What is your approach to worship? (iStock photo)

How do you keep worship fresh for you personally and fresh for your congregation?


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