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3 Ways to Help Your Assistant Pastor Minister More Effectively

Bible assistant
How do you treat your assistant ministers? (Lighttstock)

Senior pastors, here are some suggestions to help your assistant ministers become happier, more productive members of your staff.


Preach On! Survey Reveals How Long Sunday Sermons Should Be

How long do you believe pastors' sermons should run?
How long do you believe pastors' sermons should run? (Lightstock)

LifeWay Christian Resources President Thom Rainer recently conducted a poll on how long churchgoers want to sit still and listen to pastor preach. The results may surprise you.


When It Feels Like God Isn't Listening

Have you let your pride get in the way of your relationship with God? (iStock photo)

Have you ever felt there was a time when God wasn't listening to you? Here's one character flaw that could prompt God to turn a deaf ear.


4 Ways to Make Your Time With God Count

Pastor quiet time
Are you making your quiet time with God count? (Lightstock)

Here's how to optimize your time spent with God—and feel good about it.


What to Do When Pressing Deadlines Come Crashing Down on You

Pressing deadlines
How you handle it when you come under constant deadline pressure? (iStock photo)

How do you handle such a situation? Here are five "P's" that can help you when you're harried and hurried.


10 Habits That Absolutely Will Drain Your Productivity

Do you have the bad habit of overloading yourself? (iStock)

If you're doing any, some or all of these things, you could be working longer and harder than you need to.


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