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Are Social Issues Taboo For Pastors?

Bishop Joseph Mattera
Bishop Joseph Mattera

Would Jesus not preach against the sex-slave trade or child abuse today?


How to Build a Leadership Dream Team

Brad Lomenick and Craig Groeschel
Brad Lomenick and Craig Groeschel (YouTube)

If you want to be successful in your ministry, there's one essential ingredient that you must begin with.


7 Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable to the Team

Do you consider yourself to be a team player?
Do you consider yourself to be a team player? (iStock photo)

Everyone wants to be indispensable when it comes to their job. Here are seven ways to do that.


Is Your Church Efficiently Spreading the Gospel?

Staff meeting
Does your church staff spend a lot of unnecessary time in unnecessary meetings? (Lightstock)

When was the last time you took inventory of where you and your staff's time and energy go each week?


6 Reasons Not to Quit the Ministry

Distraught preacher
Before you make an emotional decision to resign, consider these six things. (iStock photo)

You may be hurting or discouraged. But unless you consider these six factors, you may want to reconsider giving up on God's plan for you.


4 Creative Ways to Craft a Sermon

Man holding Bible
Can you think of any creative ways to develop a sermon? (Lightstock)

If you sometimes have difficulties coming up with a good Sunday sermon, here are some suggestions to glean from.


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