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God Does Big Things in Small Churches

Small churches

Don’t judge a church by its size. Find out why a large army of small churches could be the sleeping giant that strategically infiltrates the world.


4 Steps Forward for the Very Sick Church

Empty churches
It's been difficult for some churches to reverse the sickness trend. (Stock Free Images)

Current reality says most churches in this category won’t survive. Read about some possible solutions.


Phil Cooke: The Difference Between Opinions and Ideas

Men at water cooler
(Stock Free Images)

How much of your life is spent spewing opinions versus developing or thinking about great ideas? Here’s how to tell the concepts apart.


Finding a Rhythm and Raising the Energy Level in Your Leaders

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Here are seven ways to get your team’s creative juices flowing and to spark their enthusiasm.


The 4 Cs of Effective Vision Casting

Woman binoculars
Are you utilizing the 4 Cs when casting vision for your church? (Stock Images)

There are several key considerations involved when developing a vision for your church. Find out what they are.


7 Signs Your Ministry Has Gone Rogue

Kenny Luck
Saddleback Church's Kenny Luck (Facebook)

Do you oversee a ministry that doesn't really tie in to the larger infrastructure, planning and overall discipleship process of your church? Saddleback Church’s Kenny Luck offers some advice on how to get reconnected.


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