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Small Churches Can Take Off and Fly

Small airplane
(IStock photo)

Remember how the Wright brothers started off small? You’ve got hopes and dreams for your church and your ministry, and here’s how God will help you see them through.


5 Renewal Stages for Churches Being Led to Change

Rick Warren
What are the five stages of church renewal? (Facebook)

If you are being led to change the way your church serves God’s purposes, it's helpful to understand the process of renewal.


3 Pillars of a Strong, Dynamic Ministry


Every church needs to be led by a pastor with a strong ecclesiology—a strong theology of church and mission. Here are some strategies to develop a strong, healthy, balanced ministry.


5 Things I’ve Learned as a Young Pastor in a Small Church

Small church
God indeed loves small churches and does big things within them. (Lightstock)

If you’re a young pastor at a small church and it seems as if things are stagnant, don’t despair. Find out how small churches are used by God to do amazing kingdom work all over the world.


10 Leadership Principles for Ministry

Pastor authority
What do you think of these 10 principles? Are there any you would like to add? (Lightstock)

As leaders, we are involved in the sovereign work of God. Here are some ideals to help you perform your duties.


5 Vital Principles About Vision

How's your vision for your church these days? (Free Digital Images)

There is nothing like seeing a vision that God has placed into your heart realized. Read why God has the final word on your vision—always.


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