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What Does Audience Feedback Mean to Preachers?

Billy Joel
Entertainer Billy Joel gets it. (Facebook)

As a preacher, do you find yourself often scanning the audience for reactions to your sermons?


The Early Church Didn’t Avoid Teaching the Rapture

Contrary to some opinions, the rapture of the church was talked about in church circles prior to the 19th century. (Lightstock)

Contrary to some opinions, the doctrine of the translation of the church to heaven before the Great Tribulation was actually mentioned in the early centuries.


7 of the Most Amazing Things Jesus Ever Said

Not so amazingly, Jesus said some pretty quotable things during his life on earth. (Jesus film)

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill said some pretty quotable things during their lifetimes, but here are incredible quips that came from our Lord and savior.


If You’re Not Living the Life, Don’t Profess to Be a Christian

Bored at church
Is the gospel boring you? Are you living what you profess? (Lightstock)

Everyone sins and falls short of the glory of God. But why do many say, 'Lord, Lord,' and then not do what He says to do on a daily basis?


The Sweet Spot of Sharing the Christian Message

Are preachers missing the point on the most important part of a sermon? (Lightstock)

Some preachers are criticized for leading with the grace message, while others preach a more serious message about tough subjects. But, there is one crucial thing some churches and preachers forget.


How Claiming the Credibility of God Helps Your Preaching

Preacher grace
Are you preaching for faith in God or something else? (Lightstock)

Are you preaching for faith, or are you pursuing a policy that leads your congregation out of the grace of God?


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