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8 Resolutions Every Pastor Should Have for 2014

Happy New Year

Many people make—and break—New Year’s resolutions. Here are some that pastors should consider for the upcoming year.


What is Your Jesus New Year’s Resolution?

How will you follow Jesus more closely in 2014?
How will you follow Jesus more closely in 2014? (The Jesus Film)

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. What will be yours that will involve a closer relationship with our Savior?


7 Habits of Joyful Pastors

Joyful pastors also love to worship
Joyful pastors also love to worship. (Lightstock)

It is easy to recognize a joyful pastor. These are some of the characteristics you’ll see in him or her.


10 Life Reminders from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

'It's a Wonderful Life' has many life lessons to teach.
'It's a Wonderful Life' has many life lessons to teach. (Facebook)

Some may think of it as simply a holiday movie. But, there are lessons to be learn from this Christmas classic.


7 Common Mistakes Young Leaders Make

Young pastor
With experience, young pastors can learn from their mistakes. (Lightstock)

Youth and inexperience can lead to mistakes among church leaders just starting out. Here are some to recognize.


7 of the Greatest Stressors on Pastors

Wounded leader
What are some other stressors for pastors you can think of? (Stock Free Images)

Everyone has problems of some magnitude, including pastors. Here are only a few.


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